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How ARTERI Keeps The Arts Heart Beating

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ARTERI was designed be a conduit; a facilitator and point of access for you, the true lifeblood of the performing arts community. In a heartbeat:

1. Any dream will do

This site is for you. Yes, for you. And you. And you, and you, and you, you, and you. Whether you are a performer, producer, creator, technician, teacher, student or fan, ARTERI is about building a community around what unites us all – our love for the performing arts. So if ARTERI isn’t working working hard enough for you, let us know.

2. That clinking clanking sound

No argument that the arts are underfunded, but believe it or not there is some money out there, earmarked to help you achieve your dreams. Find out where it is and how to increase your chances of getting it.

3. Something’s coming, something good

ARTERI’s original survey showed that, pretty much across the board, practitioners yearn for more exposure and opportunities. Stay informed with ARTERI’s living calendars, updated to give you early notice of shows, auditions, festivals (and deadlines), talks, masterclasses and more.

4. Find your little corner of the sky

When an artist’s life isn’t practice, practice, practice, it’s create, create, create. Need rehearsal or performing spaces? Visit our directory and find the perfect spot for your art.

5. Open a new window

For even more opportunities, think outside the box. Or rather, outside the country. Read our 5-part series on getting training, support and experience overseas.

 6. The art of making art

Being a performing arts professional takes more than skills and creativity. What, besides talent and enthusiasm, do you need to mount a performance in Malaysia? What permissions do you require, what tax breaks can you get? How do you ask for sponsorship and is funding taxable? Get a grip on the business-y side of things with our growing list of resources.

7. Matchmaker, matchmaker (coming soon)

How have others succeeded in this trying industry? What keeps them going? What trade secrets have they learned along the way? Apply to be mentored by someone a step ahead in the school of hard knocks. Or if you have experience to share, how about applying to be a mentor yourself and helping the community grow with your knowledge?

8. Rockin’ the boat

To create a healthy, vibrant and supportive arts community we need to see and fix what’s wrong. What are we not getting from institutions, audiences, each other and, yes, even ARTERI? 

9. Perpetual anticipation

There’s a lot on ARTERI already. There is also a lot that isn’t here yet. How do you negotiate, grow your audience, get the media to cover your event, approach sponsors, get remembered for the right reasons? We have a lot of ground to cover and you can help us determine what issues to tackle first. Put a rush on the topics that interest you most by casting your vote.

10. If your friends could see you now

ARTERI targets people who love the performing arts so step onto the stage by following us, sharing and engaging on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Amy De Kanter
Amy De Kanter

Former Chief Editor, frequent contributor and enthusiastic audience member, Amy is thrilled to have a job that lets her do three of the things she loves most.