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The Voices That Launched ARTERI

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In a heartbeat

In 2015 MyPAA surveyed a number of performing arts performers, producers and educators. They ranged in experience from less than three years to more than ten. We asked them about the challenges they face and what they feel is needed to advance their individual careers as well as to propel the industry forward.

The study brought to light some very clear patterns, common gaps and a very obvious course of action for us. This was the birth of ARTERI.

A closer examination of:

Group 1 – Less than 3 years’ experience

These were young, emerging practitioners who were still working on perfecting their craft. As such, they were focused chiefly on their own career and artistic path. As artists, their main challenge, as they saw it, was to get the right training, exposure, experience, and advice in order to gain a firm foothold in the industry.

ARTERI’s starting point to help this group includes:

Group 2 – 3-10 years’ experience

Having been in the industry long enough to build networks and to get semi-regular employment, this group was more concerned with problems affecting the performing arts scene as a whole – how it is misunderstood and undervalued by the government, the media and the public. They saw a lack of opportunity to move beyond a certain level. They wanted space to work and experiment and a way to get critical feedback to improve their craft. They wanted ideas on how to specialise in their fields, build audiences and nurture relationships with the media.

Current and upcoming content for this group includes:

Group 3 – More than 10 years’ experience

People in this group were established and enjoyed a supportive professional network from whom they could get valuable advice, shared expertise and feedback. Their concerns tended to revolve around the future of the local performing arts scene; how to develop and sustain it. They wanted to see improvement in the next generation of performers and creators. They were aware of the shortcomings of an industry that needs – but has trouble accepting – critical feedback.

Among this group, the country’s lack of a clear, long-term arts and culture policy was perceived as a major threat to the industry. ARTERI recognises the great expertise of this group and for them we intend to act as a platform for discussion, debate and brainstorming. We will help find ways these people can share thoughts and experience to raise industry standards.

Do these findings reflect how you feel about support and opportunities available to you? Do you face similar challenges? Let your voice be heard. Write in to info@arteri.com.my.

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