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5 Things You Don’t Know About… theatrethreesixty


What two-year-old was recently adopted by a baker? Who put on 13 shows in its very first year of life? Insider adoptee Nandang Abdul Rahman invites you to look at theatrethreesixty from five new angles.

1. We are an old young company (and a young old company)

Although the company was only established in 2014, the collective experience of the founding partners amounts to years and years of honing skills in acting, directing, writing, stage managing and producing. At the same time, these old hands in the business welcome the chance to work with newly established talent and companies. We believe that this younger generation is vital to inject much needed freshness into the content and energy into the arts.

Old souls celebrating their second birthday.

 2. In our first two years alone we did nearly 20 shows

In its short lifetime, theatrethreesixty has done a wide range of shows. In our first year alone, we did 13 shows which ranged from the small intimate 40-seater black box productions, touring productions in Penang & Singapore, a site specific installation in Putrajaya and the Malaysian premiere of “Angels in America: Part I”. While we did fewer shows in 2015, we took great leaps forward by taking over a whole building for a site specific production, presenting out first non-English production written by a local writer and our ambitious 6-hour production of “Angels in America: Part I & II” at the end of last year’s season.

“Angels” in KL

3. To every season, there is a theme

Long before the start of each new season, partners gather together to select a theme that encapsulates the journey the company will be taking over the next year. We look at what is happening around us and choose productions that help us address these issues. We announce this theme to audiences and the media in our annual wearetheatrethreesixty arts festival.

And on this season’s Beckett list…

4. We were adopted by a baker

Not content with simply making some of the best bread in KL, Sentul’s Tommy Le Baker also made a cozy new home for our young/old, old/young theatre group. In early 2016, we moved out of Sparky Dawg in Phileo Damansara and next to the famous bread shop in Viva Residency. The shop lot, now theatrethreesixty@Tommy Le Baker, has been transformed into a 50-seater black box performance/rehearsal space.

Oh boy! We have a new home!

Oh boy! We have a new home!

5. We’re committed to making the arts accessible

From the very start, theatrethreesixty has worked with partners to reach a wider audience. We have been fortunate to have been given the opportunity by Kakiseni to work with young people though the Sekolah Seni of & Seni Bootcamp programmes in schools in Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh. We have also had the privilege to work with a group of visually impaired people from Dialogue in the Dark, developing the stories that they use in their tours. These and many opportunities have provided us with the opportunity to give back to the community that helped to sustain us as a company.

About our guest contributor:

Nandang Abdul Rahman

Nandang Abdul Rahman

IT manager by day, Nandang Abdul Rahman also moonlights as the occasional playwright and full-time partner of theatrethreesixty.

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