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5 things you don’t know about… The Daily Seni

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Initiated by Malaysian actor Bront Palarae in 2013, this privately-owned boutique media company is the dark horse of the news reporting industry, having scored some impressive gigs despite its tiny size. But how many of you really know us, like, really, really know us?

Imagine looking at this face, like, every day!

Imagine looking at this face, like, every day!
  1. Journalistic freedom and democracy

One of the cornerstones of The Daily Seni is unbiased, unfiltered and sincere reporting. Which means writers on the team have to really love their subjects, and it will become immediately apparent to our resident editor when they don’t. With this in mind, our writers are given extensive freedom to pursue whatever subject they want to write on. Every once in a while they’ll get the odd assignment, but the harder they work, the more their say — even if it’s to do with our management and editorial direction.

  1. Our staff have all gone places (and never returned)

Our company was first brought to life by Bront and his buddy Remin Anuar. But over the years, all sorts of people have come and gone through our doors. Screenwriter Al Jaffree Md Yusop (Melur vs Rajawali) and musician Izuan Shah are some of the personalities who once manned the editor’s desk, while our former fashion correspondent Naressa Khan now writes for Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia. Oh, and did you also know that dance educator Bilqis Hijjas once expressed interest in writing for us?

  1. Our most popular articles scare us, actually

Based on our site’s Google Analytics, our most popular pieces of all-time include a piece on Deadpool‘s censorship and a theatre review of Tenggelamnya Kapal van der Wijck. In fact, only Top 5 lists have the power to compete with bad news; the most positive article in our hall of fame is Nazreen Abraham‘s list of hot, young, female artists. And by the way, those numbers you see beside our posts are not actually view counts; they’re “heat ratings” calculated through a number of metrics including engagement and view duration.

Oh dear.

Oh dear.
  1. No, really, we just want to help you guys out

Indeed, send us details and we will most likely get word out on your shows, in some way or another. As part of our commitment towards local arts, we try our best to help creatives with our platform. Even when we’re swamped, we’ll still make time for you on our social media pages, we swear! And if we don’t, send us a gentle reminder or buzz us on Facebook instead. Fun fact: sending us press kits via Facebook message is usually the quickest way to get your show to our social media following.

Off the web screen shot

  1. We exist outside of the internet too, you know!

Away from the website, The Daily Seni dabbles in print media. Aside from coming up with special, in-house magazines devoted to Malaysian cinema for distribution every so often at the American Film Market and the Cannes Film Festival, we’ve also been doing little industry tabloids that go into every goody bag at Festival Filem Malaysia for two years now. And have we told you that we’ve started experimenting with events around Kuala Lumpur? Drop by our offices to find out more!

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Deric Ect
Deric Ect

Unsure if he wants to do this for the rest of his life, Deric Ect was managing editor at The Daily Seni.