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Helping Audiences Form Their Ideal Government

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“Gobyerno is a participatory work where we engage our audiences in creating documentaries about their ideal governments. So it’s an interactive performance where we prompt and facilitate audiences to create different scenes of a documentary over the span of a few hours.” – JK Anicoche, Artistic Director, Sipat Lawin Ensemble (Philippines)

In this interview, JK Anicoche describes how the performance piece ‘Gobyerno’ harnesses the audiences collective imagination to identify the changes they want to see in their country. At the same time come to terms with how, by uniting, they have the power to make this difference.

Interview by Pang Khee Teik
Filming by Lee Hock Chuan
Script editing by Amy de Kanter
Video editing by Eugene Lee

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Amy De Kanter
Amy De Kanter

Former Chief Editor, frequent contributor and enthusiastic audience member, Amy is thrilled to have a job that lets her do three of the things she loves most.