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Res Artis

In a heartbeat

Among other things, the Res Artis website provides a comprehensive and searchable list of artistic residencies worldwide. While it leaves the search and application for residencies up to individual visitors to their site, Res Artis also organizes meetings

Who it’s for

Performers, creators and technicians interested in gaining exposure, experience, growth and inspiration overseas.

How to use it

1.     Find your residency

Res Artis lets you search for key words and apply a number of filters to help you narrow down their very long list. The facilities/support filter gives you an idea of what kind of fields they cater for and makes sure that you do not, for example, apply for a choreography residency somewhere that only accepts writers. You can also filter for preferred country, duration of residency, working language and whether you can bring your partner, pets or kids with you.

What you can’t do is filter by applicant nationality (or even foreign/national) or financial support given, so you will still have to do some of your own legwork to find the right residency for you.

2.     Don’t miss your chance

One of the cooler features of the Res Artis website is their list of upcoming deadlines  for application submission. So if even after you’ve narrowed down your list you still have 40 dream residencies, you know which you’d better write to first. You can also stay current by liking their Facebook page.

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