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Template – Letter to Request Sponsorship

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You’ve found the perfect person or company to approach about sponsoring your production, event or tour. The question is, how do you get them to pick up the phone, let alone write you a cheque? Writing to them first has worked very well for many a company. Here, one such agency shares their proven format.

After – and I repeat, after you’ve done your research, chosen someone likely to be interested in and able to sponsor your project, it’s time for introductions. You could call or try to meet face-to-face. A tried and trusted method is to write first. Email if you are reasonably sure it won’t go straight to spam, but better yet is a proper letter. If you received something in the mail that wasn’t a bill or an ad, wouldn’t it get your attention?

In this sample letter requesting sponsorship, a performing arts company is writing to the CEO of of ZRS Group Bhd (both companies are fictitious, as is the production) about funding a tour of their production to Johor.

The manager of ‘Stage of My Life Productions’ has selected this particular person to write to because in media interviews he has always spoken with great pride about his hometown. Also notice that she is not relying solely on the emotional pull. She appeals to the heart and the businessperson.

It’s not as easy as it looks but here ARTERI tries to make it easier. Download our free letter to sponsor template to help guide you in what you want to say.

Remember, a template is just a template. Don’t be afraid to make changes that will make the request more personal and more appealing.

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Amy De Kanter
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