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Goethe-Institut Malaysia


In a heartbeat

Working with Malaysian partners, the Goethe-Institut Malaysia organises and supports over 80 cultural events a year. These collaborations occur in the fields of dance, music, theatre, film, literature and translations, among others.


What it can do for you

Goethe-Institut Malaysia is a vital first stop for individuals and cultural institutions interested in:

  • Individuals who wish to pursue their education in Germany
  • Anyone who wants to find out about funding for residencies and other opportunities in Germany
  • Cultural institutions interested in bringing German talent (performers, workshops, etc) to Malaysia
  • Anyone working on any other cross-cultural collaborative project or event

Why is Goethe-Institut Malaysia so committed to cultural exchanges between our two countries? What role does it feel artists play in society? Read our interview with Director, Rolf Stehle to find out.

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Amy De Kanter
Amy De Kanter

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