Goethe-Institut Malaysia

Goethe-Institut Malaysia

In a heartbeat

Working with Malaysian partners, the Goethe-Institut Malaysia organises and supports over 80 cultural events a year. These collaborations occur in the fields of dance, music, theatre, film, literature and translations, among others.

What it can do for you

Goethe-Institut Malaysia is a vital first stop for individuals and cultural institutions interested in:

  • Individuals who wish to pursue their education in Germany
  • Anyone who wants to find out about funding for residencies and other opportunities in Germany
  • Cultural institutions interested in bringing German talent (performers, workshops, etc) to Malaysia
  • Anyone working on any other cross-cultural collaborative project or event

Why is Goethe-Institut Malaysia so committed to cultural exchanges between our two countries? What role does it feel artists play in society? Read our interview with Director, Rolf Stehle to find out.

Some Toughts (3)

  1. added on 2 Sep, 2016

    […] grant-givers, or grantors, is great. While motivation may vary a little (for example, JFKL and the Goethe-Institut  encourage projects that use arts and culture to build bridges between countries), generally the […]

  2. Gouri Nowuram
    added on 10 Oct, 2017

    i am interested to apply for grants relating to the music industry but am not sure how to go about writing an application or project paper for grant. is there anywhere i can get someone to write one for me?

    • added on 27 Oct, 2017

      Dear Gouri,

      First of all, you would need to identify which grant/fund you would like to apply for and study it’s requirements.
      We highly recommend that you write the application or project paper yourself as only you would be the best person to know all the key points to your own project. There are various articles available on ARTERI to help you with writing your project paper, under the Learn tab, How To’s (Production) and Templates.

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