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Toccata Studio Residency Program

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Toccata Studio residency program for performing artists

Who can apply:
Artists from the performing arts sector: professional artists, established artists, emerging artists and student artists of all genres (within performing arts) and from any country are welcome. We value artistic innovation and excellence – they are important criteria in the selection process. Applicants must be able to speak and understand English and/or Mandarin.

POLKA • Playground: A Toccata Studio creation, in which polka dots projections react to live, improvised music.

POLKA • Playground: A Toccata Studio creation, in which polka dots projections react to live, improvised music.


Application deadline and fee:
Application is open all year long. The application fee is USD20 (approx. RM80).

Residency period:
Residencies are subject to availability throughout the year. The minimum residency period is one week and the maximum is three months.

End-of-residency presentation

Resident artists are expected to present at the end of the residency period; forms of presentation may include but are not limited to: workshops, talks, performances, showcases around the work they’ve done while at Toccata Studio.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.29.26 PM

Cake Project: A non-profit micro crowdfunding initiative byToccata Studio to kick start creative ideas


Facilities and services:
The facility includes experimental performance spaces, private studios, restrooms and a kitchen. Studios and performance spaces usage is subject to availability.

Housing and meals:
Artists will reside in single rooms in the facility. A double room can be arranged for artists working on the same project. Breakfast is provided and kitchen is available for artists to use.

Toccata Studio Resideny Room Photo

Toccata Studio Resideny Room Photo

Internet access:
Wireless internet is available throughout the facility.

There is unfortunately limited accessibility at the moment for people with limited mobility and wheelchairs.

Residency fees:
Residency fees are USD30 (approx. RM120) per night per person (single room) and USD45 (approx. RM180 per night for a double room.

Artists need to arrange and pay for their own airfare and transportation to Kuala Lumpur, health insurance, visa fees, meals other than breakfast, work material and any other expenses.

roundtable 2nd sesison. 5March2016

One of Toccata Studio’s 2020 roundtable sessions. One of the participants is an Artist-in-Residence from Japan, staying for a week to research local performing art.
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