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Hotel Penaga Residency for Visual Artists (run by Rimbun Dahan)

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Residency address:
Jalan Hutton, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Who can apply:
Visual artists (of all disciplines)

Application deadline and fees: (if any)
30 June 2016 for a residency within the period of January to June 2017

Residency length:
1 to 3 months

Residency expectations: 

  • Actively produce work
  • Host open studio evenings several times a week to interact with hotel guests and develop a broader appreciation of the artist’s practice
  • Contribute one work created during the course of the residency to the permanent collection of Hotel Penaga (for Southeast Asian artists only)

Hotel Penaga - Malaysian artist Sharon Chin receiving visitors at her studio - photo credit to Goh Sze Ying -May 2016

Residency fees: (if any)

Artists who are not from and based in Southeast Asia are subject to a monthly fee of RM4000, with a required deposit of 50% of the first monthly fee to secure accommodation

What the fees cover:

A room and studio space in Hotel Penaga and breakfast at the hotel for the duration of the stay

What the resident will be expected to arrange/pay for him/herself:

All costs related to travel and visas, health insurance, and materials and equipment for the artist’s work are the responsibility of the artist. The residency does not provide meals other than breakfast.

Hotel Penaga Mural Oceu Apristawijaya (1024x768)

Additional information:

Southeast Asian resident artists receive a monthly allowance of RM1000

Contact or link for more information:



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