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Rimbun Dahan Residency Program

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Residency address: Kilometer 27, Jalan Kuang, Kuang 48050 Selangor

Who can apply: Visual artists (of all disciplines), dancers/performing artists, writers, art managers and curators/researchers from and based in Southeast Asia can apply for our Southeast Asian Arts Residency while artists not from Southeast Asia can apply for our Open Residency.

RD - Artist studio 1

Application deadline and fees:

Southeast Asian Arts Residency: 30 June 2016 for a residency within the period of January to June 2017

Open Residency: Rolling applications anytime during the year

Residency length: 1 to 6 months

Residency expectations:
A position as resident artist will entail developing your own works and sharing those works and your processes with students and other visitors who will periodically visit your studio, or in arranged events with local art institutions. This can take the form of artist talks, open studio tours, workshops, and other events.

  • Southeast Asian visual artists staying longer than two months are expected to leave a work for the permanent collection (in consultation with the owners of Rimbun Dahan)
  • For long term resident artists there is the possibility of an exhibition in our gallery, although this is not guaranteed for every resident and must be discussed with the owners and art manager

RD - Site specific performance by theatre director Ibed Surgana Yuga of Bali May 2016 (1024x768)

Residency fees: (if any)

Artists applying for the Open Residency are subject to a monthly fee of RM4000, with a required deposit of 50% of the first monthly fee to secure accommodation

What the fees cover:

Private accommodation for the artist (and any accompanying partners/children, depending on availability) with own bathroom and self-catering kitchen, private/shared workspace (attached or detached from accommodation, depending on availability), weekly room cleaning and linen change, and some logistical support like transport for weekly shopping trips for food, airport meet and transfer, and inclusion in any events that might be happening at Rimbun Dahan, from drinks by the pool to trips to exhibition openings or events in KL or the local area. The swimming pool, tennis court and artist lounge/office (with WiFi) are available for use by resident artists at any time.

RD - Guest house room

What the resident will be expected to arrange/pay for him/herself:

All costs related to travel and visas, health insurance, and materials and equipment for the artist’s work are the responsibility of the artist. Food is not provided by the residency although each artist will have access to shared or private equipped kitchen.

Additional information:

Southeast Asian resident artists receive a monthly allowance of RM1000

RD - Rumah Balai, a one bedroom cottage (1024x768)

Contact or link for more information:



Southeast Asian Arts Residency 

Open Residency

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