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5 Things You Don’t Know About… Toccata Studio

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A lab for cooking up new creatures

Much like you do research and development for science, Toccata Studio does creative R&D within the arts. The collective plays and experiments with ideas and forms to create contemporary and quality work. Work that emerges from this are complex and poignant – full and ready to be presented to the world. Artists need a place to safely fail, and Toccata Studio is that safety net from which they can get moving again.

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Creative vision 2020

2020 is a five-year project by Toccata Studio that uses science fiction narratives to discuss change and the idea of ‘perfect vision’. The project made its debut in June last year, and is growing to include other art forms – some may derive from unexpected fields – that will culminate in a sort of momentum that discusses different futures as we move towards them.

Tweet of you to say so

Creative producer Tan E-Jan is not well-known for being tech-savvy, or indeed, even marginally acquainted with the comings and goings of social media apps. Her first brush with micro-blogging app, Twitter, was early this year when she was in New York City for the ISPA conference as a member of its global fellowship program. She was required to use this to introduce herself to fellow participants of the ISPA conference. After a five-month hiatus, E-Jan wants you to know that she is picking up Twitter again.

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Culture shock, okay. Cultural block, no.

International collaboration is a mainstay of Toccata Studio. We have worked with artists from within the region and without, connecting frequently with people of different cultural backgrounds and artistic vision. However, there is also a tension that can arise from these differences, and the working with or around it in artistic collaborations. There is also the weather to be taken into account: too warm? Sweat is not likely to be conducive to close-quarter discussions; too cold? Electrifying static may cause rifts in collaborative projects.

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What doesn’t kill you, prepares you for commuting via bicycle in KL

Artistic director and co-founder, Ng Chor Guan, believes everything should be done in moderation. Not. His first long distance bicycle trip was a week long: he had cycled from London to Bonn, Germany, where he participated in a residency program.  He almost died – not from exhaustion but because it was winter and temperatures in that region often fell way below freezing. Chor Guan uses the same bicycle today to commute in the city.

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About Toccata Studio

Toccata Studio is an artists’ collective actively advocating for the proliferation of the arts in our daily lives.

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