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Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

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The Cité Internationale des Arts (CIdA) is a 325 studio residency situated in Marais and Montmarte. Most of the studios are in Marais, where you are near galleries, museums and the Louvre; and the historical site of Montmartre (where Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh once had studios).

Residency Address

Marais Studios: 15-20-22 rue Geoffroy l’Asnier in the 4th district of Paris, the Marais.

Montmartre Studios: 24 rue Norvins in the 18th district of Paris, Montmartre

CidA Main image

Who can apply

Visual Artists and Musicians of any age, nationality and gender. Application is either through operators for each respective nationality or directly to the Cité Internationale des Arts. Currently, Malaysia does not have an operator and applying directly is your only option.

The Cité Internationale des Arts organizes selection twice a year (spring and fall) dedicated respectively to visual arts and music. The residency provides accommodation and work studios, and is awarded according to the project’s artistic dimensions and the candidate’s motivations.

Application deadline:

15th September 2016 for residency beginning January 2016

Residency Length:

Minimum 2 months, maximum 12 months. Request for extension can be made for up to 18 months. No longer terms will be granted.

 Residency Expectations:

Residents are to pay in full the first and last month service fees for their studio. A one month deposit is also required. Failure to keep up monthly service fee in full at the start of each month may result in the eviction of resident.

The CIdA does not offer support to all residents nor offer the opportunity to showcase each project, the onus is on the resident artist to organize and showcase their work. Requests are to be brought up to the CIdA and organized individually. Artists can organize and showcase their work at the Open Studios when and as they want for one evening or more, showcasing a personal or collaborative project. The Corridor’s exhibitions are by selection from projects submitted by artists in residence and/or by a curator. The Present and Project evenings is a platform for artists to showcase their work or discuss a work in progress. Concerts Cite is held every Monday and artists can schedule their performances with CIdA.

CidA accommodation. Photo by Diane Arques

Residency Fees:

Residents do not pay rent but a service fee of EUR501 to EUR770 per month depending on assigned studio size.

What the fees cover:

Accomodation in furnished studios, use of a 128-seat auditorium with an organ and a baby grand Bösendorfer piano, shared studios of silkscreen printing, etching and a ceramic furnace, 9 music studios for working on your project.

What the resident will be expected to arrange/pay for him/herself:

Visa arrangements, securing of visa or resident permit. Note that visa extensions are not allowed once in France. The Resident must have health insurance that includes repatriation, as well as a liability insurance. The resident is also responsible for any partner or dependent staying with them and the additional fees that will be incurred.

Additional Info:

Approximately 10% of applications are accepted.

Contact or link for more information:

Website: http://www.citedesartsparis.net/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/citedesartsparis

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