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Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS), Tokyo

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Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) is a large facility with twelve rooms for accommodations and two studios. It develops new programs in close cooperation with TWS Hongo and TWS Shibuya, both dedicated to support emerging artists in their early careers. They also provide venues to exhibit work by more established international artists.

Located in the heart of Tokyo, TWS takes pride in being a hub for cultural and artistic exchanges and space for new arts and cultural exploration.

TWS 1 (1) 

Residency Address

Arts Kikukawa 1F, 2-14-7 Tatekawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0023

Who Can Apply

International creators (artists, performers and researchers) in mid-career. The program includes a three-month fully supported stay at TWS, as well as an opportunity to exhibit or perform at a TWS venue.

Those who has been on TWS’s international residency program before are not allowed to apply again.

Application deadline and fees:

Deadline 30th June 2016 for Open Call year 2017

Residency length: 

3 months

TWS orientation photo from twitter TWS (1)

TWS Orientation of International Creators, photo by TWS, from TWS Twitter

Residency expectations: 
TWS Residency’s aim is to promote cultural exchange, developing new art forms, exploring existing and supporting emerging as well as established artists and performers; residents are expected to develop their new work, share the process and exchange cultures. Apart from sharing with other residents (creators), you are also to showcase your work or process with visitors during its regular Open Studio days.

Residency fees:

None. Admission by selection.

What the residency covers:

Airfare, daily allowance and artist fee or project fee, self-contained single room and shared studio/workspace.
TWS does not provide any support for accompanying partner. If you are applying as a duo, both you and your partner must apply separately.

TWS 2 events (1)

What the resident will be expected to arrange/pay for him/herself:

Any stay or travel outside of TWS Residency would not be covered. Artists participating in the program are expected to focus on their new works during the residency period. If research or project requires you to live or stay somewhere other than TWS, this must be discussed in advance with TWS.

Additional information:

Six creators are sought for each residency opening. Separate programs exist for international researchers and applicants can apply for both if applicable.

TWS performance (1)

Contact or link for more information:

Website: http://www.tokyo-ws.org/english/residency/index.html (application forms available on the site)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tokyo-Wonder-Site-EN-164842883583151/?fref=nf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tokyowondersite/status/733615692046422016

Email:  inter2017@tokyo-ws.org



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