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5 things you don’t know about… the healing power of singing

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Singing is for everyone, regardless of potential or ability. Forget for a moment about the ‘sound’ part of singing. The activity itself does wonders for your mind, body, happiness and relationships. Here, vocal instructor and choir director Susanna Saw, shares five excellent reasons why everyone, yes everyone, should take up singing today.

1.   It’s good for musicians
The human voice is the first, and most natural instrument because it uses our whole body to produce sound. Therefore, learning singing should really come before learning any other musical instrument! We have to understand how our own instrument works before we can master another. Singing also helps to develop our inner musical ear.

2.   It’s good for your health and happiness
When we sing, we exercise our lungs and heart. On top of that, our body produces endorphins, which make us feel good. This is the same sort of feeling you get when indulging in a bar of chocolate – but there are no calories involved when you binge on singing!

3.     It’s good for your brain
Singing helps to improve our memory as well as enhance mental awareness and concentration. Our amazing brain preserves what it learns of song and music. This has now been scientifically proven to be helpful for people with dementia, and also in decreasing levels of stress.

4. It improves your language skills
The link between music and memory is so strong that it can help you learn a foreign language! Scientists have found that singing stimulates musculature associated with respiration, phonation, and articulation, and allows us to regulate speech. Singing has also been shown to improve expressive language in patients who have speech-debilitating conditions.

5.   It makes you a better person
These days, the development of morals and character in children has taken a back seat in schools due to the uncompromising pressure of exams. Research shows that children who sing in choir learn, and retain, important character traits, such as kindness, honesty, initiative, and courage. So, why are you still hesitating? Find a choir and SING!

About Susanna Saw

Susanna Sow

Susanna is the founder of the Young Choral Academy in Kuala Lumpur, a venue for choral lovers to learn more about choral music, and a platform for young Malaysian composers and arrangers to compose more choral works.

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