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If It Were Irrelevant, It Wouldn’t Be Banned

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“Much of what you call traditional is not something that is not something that is outdated, not something irrelevant to contemporary life; it is absolutely informed, inspired by and urged by contemporary context and contemporary life.” – Pauline Fan, Managing Director, PUSAKA

In this video, Pauline Fan dismisses the myth that traditional arts are old-fashioned and stagnant. It is precisely because they speak to today’s audiences as clearly as they did to audiences in the past, that these art forms have endured for generations.

Interview by Pang Khee Teik
Filming by Lee Hock Chuan
Script editing by Amy de Kanter
Video editing by Eugene Lee

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Amy De Kanter
Amy De Kanter

Former Chief Editor, frequent contributor and enthusiastic audience member, Amy is thrilled to have a job that lets her do three of the things she loves most.