Voice of Magic (part 2)

Voices of Magic (part 2): Vocal Techniques

Voices of Magic (part 2): Vocal Techniques

What are the ten levels of twanging? What does colour have to do with singing and why is blending so important when you’re singing with a group? In the second of our three-part series, members of a cappella group ‘The 4 of Us’ demonstrate how to do thing right… by doing things wrong.

But wait, there’s more. Find out about practicalities of forming an a capella groups in part 3: Challenges

And if you missed part 1, watch it here in: The World of A Capella

Performers: Andrew Sanjay George, Jacqueline Teng, Kathleen Roshene and Wilson Tan

Video produced, shot and edited by Teo Gudelj

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