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Pina Bausch Fellowship, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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“It is not about art, also not about pure technique. It is about life, and therefore it is about finding a language for life.“ – Pina Bausch

(Image credit: Pina Bausch Foundation)


The Pina Bausch Fellowship is a co-developed grant programme by the Arts Foundation of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Pina Bausch Foundation. The grant is for fellowship in the dance and choreography.

Who can apply

Dancers and Choreographers of any nationality. Applying dancers should have either a university or academic degree in dance or two years performing experience with a renowned ensemble; choreographers are required to have at least one independent production with a public performance in the last three years.

Application deadline

Application opens June 1st and ends September 15th 2016 for fellowships in 2017.

The fellowship

The fellowship grants for a temporary residence at renowned institutions for dance and choreography abroad, a non-paid participation in an ensemble or a placement with a choreographer at home or abroad, the studies of dance techniques with renowned personalities at home or abroad.

Each fellowship is for a period of three months to six months and offers a monthly allowance of Euro 2,500 and one time travel expenses.


Applicants are to find a cooperating partner and arrange a confirmed collaboration, externship or stay; either with a renown individual, ensemble, choreographer or institution.  

The Pina Bausch Fellowship is not a project fund nor a piece development grant.

Additional info

Up to four fellowships are granted each year.

Contacts and links

Web: https://fellowship.pinabausch.org/en/fellowship 

Email:  fellowship@pinabausch.org

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