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‘Open Stage’ for emerging work and talent in the performing arts

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For years, open mic nights have given upcoming musicians, comedians and poets a place try out new material before a live audience. However, there was no place that gave other performing artists the same opportunity. Until now.

Save the date! 6th February will be the inaugural Open Stage at Twenty20Two (a new event space/black box) in Kelana Jaya. Guest writer and the event’s founder, Ian Nathaniel, tells us what Open Stage is all about and what to look forward to in the upcoming “Act One”.

What is Open Stage?

Open Stage is essentially an open mic, but for the performing arts industry. The music industry has had this tradition for ages and that’s how many musicians start up – performing for an audience and getting recognized at open mics.

Twenty20two’s monthly Open Stage gives the same opportunity to people who want to start out in the performing arts scene. Be it in theatre, dance, musicals, etc. This is for you!

When is Open Stage?

Open Stage takes place on the first Monday night of every month.

Why Monday?

Because in the performing arts, Mondays are dark days. That’s when everyone is free. Also, why not kick off your Monday blues with a little art in your life!

I want to perform! How?

It’s simple, just click HERE and fill out the form below, and we’ll get in touch with you!

The audience’s view at Twenty20two, the official Open Stage venue. The main image of this article is the performer’s view from the stage…

Can I just attend?

Of course you can! No pre-booking required. Just walk in. For only RM20 (which also gets you a free soft drink), you get to enjoy the open stage and a featured act. You can also give your constructive comments to the open-stagers for them to improve on their acts. Take note: the keyword here is “constructive”!

Who are the featured acts?

Each Open Stage will have one featured act. The feature act can be an upcoming show, a previous show that got a lot of praise, winner(s) of the Cammies, etc.

What can you expect at the very first Open Stage on 6 February?

The inaugural Open Stage features A Language of Their Own by Chay Yew. Relationships bloom and break on a daily basis but, the play asks: “Have we ever stopped to listen to the language lovers speak? Especially those of us who are capable of loving the one we choose, regardless of the norm?” Alfred Loh, Gregory Sze, and Dennis Yeap will be taking the stage with up-and-coming actor Jayson Phuah in this scintillating production.

Want your name in lights? Or at least in banners? Sign up to be an act on Open Stage.

Be prepared also for an Open Stage by playwright Michelle Tan, whose piece By A Thread won five awards at Short + Sweet Theatre 2016 including ‘Best Overall Production’, ‘Audience Choice Award’, and the ‘Samantha Schubert Award’. She will be showcasing a new piece called Isabella featuring Alex Sande, Charles Roberts, Karan Hundal, Kimchi Lai, and Puteri Hana. ‘Isabella’ is a story about wild imaginations and friendships in the weirdest setting: the public toilets.

Another act to look forward to is by composer Ian Nathaniel (me!) who is the co-composer of Mahsuri (And Other Peculiar Tales), a show that has been staged multiple times in KL and in Johor by popular demand. He (still me) will be showcasing the opening song of his (my) musical in progress called Second Step on the Crowded Street, a show that portrays the issues faced within a community in Malaysia. This piece will be featuring Adry Nasution, Kara Yee Siow Chee, Queen Alia, and Timmy Ong.

And some (maybe) last-minute additions – There’s still time to be part of Open Stage Act One!

Essential Details

Date: 6th February 2017 (Monday)

Time: 8.30pm

20 & 22, Jalan SS 4D/14,
Peoples Park, 47301 Petaling Jaya

Event Page: Open Stage ACT ONE

Like THIS PAGE if you have any questions! Or just contact us if you’re bored.

See you on the 6th!

About Ian

In spite of his theatrical (over) achievements, composer, musician, playwright, actor, Managing Editor of Centrestage, Managing Director of Twenty20Two and founder of Open Stage Ian Nathaniel is camera shy so if you want to see what he looks like come to Open Stage and meet him in person.

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