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Res Artis – Knowledge, networking and support for arts residency hosts

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When you start an arts residency you need all the help you can get. Res Artis is a membership-based network of arts residency centres all around the world. Here Executive Director Eliza Roberts explains that Res Artis assists you by: 

1. Increasing your visibility

“We have a detailed profile of each of our member organisations on our website,” says Eliza. “You receive log-in details that enable you to customize and update your profile yourself.” This information is free and publicly available for artists to search for international or local residency opportunities. “Artists can search according to specific terms such as country, duration, artform, facilities, etc.”

2.  Promoting your call for applications

As you update your information, Res Artis alerts users of upcoming open calls and application deadlines.

3.  Connecting with other members

“You can connect with other members all over the world through our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We also have a closed members-only Facebook node that encourages members to ask each other questions and share stories and solutions.”

4.  Providing access to a wealth of research, articles and other resources

While listings and some other Res Artis information is available to everyone, membership grants you “access to the members-only section of the Res Artis website which includes a digital library of residency publications, articles and resources. You can see research and statistics relating to the field as well as guides for funding opportunities.”

5.  Providing step-by-step advice for starting up and running your residency

Res Artis members have access to The Res Artis Community Guide to Set-up and Maintain an Artist Residency Anywhere in the World. “This must-read A-Z guide for emerging arts residencies guides you through crucial information and case studies drawn from our membership. Subjects include developing a mission statement, the legal structure of your residency, application and selection processes, hosting tools, visas, and the list goes on. In the near future, Res Artis hopes to update this Handbook and offer it in digital format through a series of webinars and next-generation online learning platforms based on member experience.”

6.  Facilitating meetings with other residency hosts

“The most valuable aspect of joining Res Artis is the face-to-face meetings we offer,” says Eliza. “Nothing compares to the people-to-people experience.”

On an annual basis, Res Artis works with partner host organisations to facilitate meetings of various scales (from small intimate meetings with just over 20 people to large meetings with over 300 participants) to members and non-members, usually around a thematic or regional concern. The goal? “To provide a platform for networking with like-minded peers from around the globe.”
An ever-expanding presence, Res Artis recently held its first meeting in the Middle East. The meeting in Tehran, in partnership with Kooshk Residency, “was a medium scale meeting with around 60 participants from 21 different countries. For many, it provided a necessary first introduction to the Iranian arts and cultural scene and resulted in closer interactions within the region as well as new international partnerships.”


Yes, you need to pay to reap these benefits and yes, you can afford it.

Residencies pay different annual membership fees depending on their organizational budget. “We see this as a fair system that takes into account different economies and working conditions around the globe,” says Eliza.

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