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9 Beats: Nur Hanim Mohamed Khairuddin

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Ipoh-based artist and curator Nur Hanim Mohamed Khairuddin (b. 1969) is the editor-in-chief sentAp! (Seni Tanpa Prejudis), a print magazine for contemporary art. sentAp! includes articles, interviews and reviews on contemporary art and on the alternative art scenes in the neighbouring states of the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. The aim is not merely to report, but also to generate and influence theory.

1. Nescafe kaw

A must in the morning! Can get like a fit and production ‘merosot’ if I don’t have it for like two days. I want to confess – I am caffeine addicted 😛

2. TAF Project

Must be the most sentimental project to me. TAF stands for Tabung Amirul Fakir that was launched by folk singer Meor on 14 November 2009. Together with artist Kamal Sabran and some friends, we created TAF in order to  generate monetary and spiritual support for poet Amirul – whom is still fighting stage 4 cancer. The project is still on-going, with artist, writer and musician friends contributing from time to time to help lessen the burden – especially for his travels from Ipoh to Selangor for treatments. I guess TAF Project is a projection of solidarity in the arts.

3. Jebat

This feline must be the most mischievous cat that we’ve ever had. Originally named Mahsuri but changed to Jebat when we realised it had grown testicles over the months. At times, his bright yellow eyes can be very intimidating. Loves to stare and ‘jeling’ at people. His straight tail keeps on growing I think (now its like  30cm!) Caressing and embracing Jebat is very therapeutical for me. Always makes me more relaxed and happy.

4. Guitars

I have two now. One guitar tong which was handed down to me by my father when I was sixteen. Another is an electric guitar which I bought recently together with amplifier and gadgets from a new friend Munis. We named it ‘Janda Munis’ (ex-wife of Munis) for laughs.

My guitar tong is stationed just beside my working table. Whenever stressed or my mind goes blank, I will just reach out for it and ‘melalak’ several tunes. My family is already immuned.

5. Space Gambus Experiment

Proud to become part of this experimental sound project band. Played the ‘petir’ instrument during album launch last year and played my ‘Janda Munis’ with SGE  for the  first time at ‘Surf’s Up’ rock gig in Ipoh.  Kasi piccaahh!

6. Kak Kathy (short for Khatijah) my tukang urut

Been urut-ing regularly with this lady for the past 5 years and she lives just a few blocks away from my house. She inspires me a lot with her chats during the usual 1 hour massage time. She shares of her strife as a single mother, gives health and sexual petua, religious and sometimes political opinions. I always get nagged for not drinking enough water!

7. My first kuali

Bought her at a pasar malam in Subang Jaya accompanied by my then newly-wed hubby in 1991! I’ve been using her for frying, steaming, cooking and heating all sorts of food. She gets my attention all the time. Sayaaang kuali..

8. Facebook

Oh come on. I know many of you out there are FB geeks too! Since I barely have time to socialise in real-life, FB becomes a good communicating tool. I get to choose which event or exhibition I should spend time on, knows that my friends and relatives are still alive, sometimes sucked into serious discussions or nonsensical frivolous forums etc. It actually keeps you aware of many many things and in momentum with the rest. For good or for worst.

9. Bamboo Tree

Bought the 3-feet ‘anak’ like 3 years ago. Now it has grown really high and provide us coolness from the sun. The leaves are also good source of food for our guinea pig. I purposely planted it beside our little fish pond to create a Zen like atmosphere. Konon!


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