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3 Ways Biomechanics Helps Actors

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“As an actor, you have to master your body, you have to master your voice and you have to master your mind. When you have control over these things, you’ll know when to use what, and to help with what.” – Nicole-Ann Thomas

What is theatrical biomechanics and what can it do for you as an actor? Here biomechanics guru and acting coach Nicole-Ann Thomas answers both questions.

Filmed and edited by Mia Sabrina Mahadir
Presented by Nicole-Ann Thomas, (Partner, theatrethreesixty)


About Nicole

As an actor, it was never easy for Nicole Ann-Thomas to further her skills in KL. But after years of auditions, rejections, roles, failures, successes, trials and errors, she has come to the conclusion that, there is no conclusion, ever. Last year alone saw Nicole direct theatrethreesixty’s BARE BECKETT for the wearetheatrethreesixty 2016 Arts Festival and perform in the musical NUNSENSE as well as theatrethreesixty’s devised piece RIWAYAT.

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