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The Actors Speak: A Language of Their Own

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Chay Yew crafted a complex web of relationships  for his play, ‘A Language of Their Own’. Though a little dated in references and settings, the text remains as relevant now as it was at the time it was first written. Director Woon Fook Sen, in collaboration with Theatrex Asia, updated the play just enough that the language flows more smoothly.

Language is at the heart of this brilliant play interlaced with emotion, deceit, sexual politics, and love. Though interviewed separately, in this article, we present all four actors who brought the play to life. In this way, their unique voices and the language they speak will flow together to illustrate their different experiences of ‘A Language’.

Dennis Yeap

In the years since the first performance A Language of Their Own, actor Dennis Yeap reveals “I can relate to the relationship aspect on a whole new level.” Dennis speaks to Arteri about his role in the revival of Chay Yew’s powerful play about love and relationships in difficult times.

Alfred Loh

“This was the first play that showed me a different side to conventional romance.” Alfred Loh starred in Chay Yew’s play ‘A Language of Their Own’ when it was staged in Malaysia for the first time. This time around he plays a different character which has challenged him in new ways but according to him has helped him appreciate the play in a new way as well. He shares with Arteri what he finds special about ‘A Language’.

Gregory Sze

Gregory Sze plays a character very different from himself in Chay Yew’s ‘A Language of Their Own’. In this video, he shares how his experience with this play has given him new insight into the lives and desires of a marginalized group.

Jayson Phuah

New to the acting scene, Jayson Phuah has taken on a challenging role in Chay Yew’s ‘A Language of Their Own’. Though a young actor, Jayson approaches his role seriously and has in rehearsals worked on making the chemistry between his character and the other characters as natural as possible. He shares with Arteri about his experience acting in ‘A Language’.

Main image credit: A Language of their Own FB page.

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