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Residency Unlimited

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In a heartbeat

RU Opportunities is a free online listing service delivering up-to-date information about artist residencies worldwide.

Who it’s for

Arts Organisations can sign up to post their residency applications up for free. Artists can search for open calls or subscribe to their weekly email.

How to use it

This site is pretty much straightforward listings of residencies in a grid. You don’t need to register in order to view listed opportunities, but if you are an organisation looking to post and opportunity in their site, you will need to sign up for an account. All published data is free and open to the public. You can also sign up for their weekly emails that goes out every Monday morning and includes the previous week’s published open calls.

A closer examination

Extracted from Residency Unlimited:
Residency Unlimited (RU) supports the creation, presentation and dissemination of contemporary art through its unique residency program and year-round public programs. We forge strategic partnerships with collaborating institutions to offer customized residencies designed to meet the individual needs of participating artists and curators. Residents benefit from our diverse network of partners, which allows for flexibility, customization and access to a wide range of services and resources including but not limited to studio/workspaces. We facilitate connections in and outside the art world, offer hands-on production and technical assistance, and professional development opportunities. Dialogue and exchange happen through talks and other public programs, which take place at our Brooklyn location: a creative hub for our expanding community of artists, curators, partners, collaborators, and international visitors. We work together with our residents and partners to develop a residency experience that optimizes opportunities while meeting the goals, needs and visions of participating artists and curators. Residencies may focus on research and dialogue rather than on traditional production formats. In addition, to the local New York-based residencies, we offer national and international exchanges, and year-round public programs which cover a broad range of topics at the forefront of contemporary art practice and critical discourse.

  1. Customized Support

    Each residency is tailored to maximize the residency experience: to help support and realize short-term projects, as well as advance longer-term goals. Residents benefit from the creative, technical and logistical support of our dedicated staff, weekly studio visits by curators and other arts professionals, and RU Activities and events through which residents are introduced to the New York art world and have access to RU’s extensive national and international network.

  2. Work and Event Space

    RU is located within the former South Congregational Church in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The space is flexible and multifunctional, acting as a hub and meeting place for RU’s various public programs, including talks, screenings, performances and exhibitions. It is also where artists and curators in residence meet with RU staff, conduct research, and at times produce work on site. All RU Residency related activities – including the weekly studio visits, monthly lunches, and technical support – are held in the church.

  3. Institutional Partnerships

    The core principle of our approach is collaboration through strategic Partnerships with a range of institutions to provide residents with workspace, full technical and logistical assistance, and access to any other particular need required to optimize the residency experience.Through our strategic partnerships, we successfully leverage resources, which are mutually beneficial and compound impact by offering our residents access to multiple services and hands-on assistance. This strategy allows for greater variety, flexibility and increased opportunities, enabling us to customize the residency to one that best meets the goals of our residents.

    Our partnerships also result in cross-pollinating various publics, widening marketing and publicity opportunities, and creating mutually rewarding collaborative networks. Partnerships also provide a uniquely mobile residency experience, with work and exhibition spaces located in a variety of locations and neighborhoods throughout the City.

  4. Networking Opportunities

    RU’s Brooklyn headquarters is a hub of artistic activity and a meeting place for dialogue and exchange. In addition to exhibitions and a robust program of public activities, it is also where residents meet one-on-one with arts professionals, RU’s Guest visitors, on a weekly basis and are provided with access to the wider New York arts community.

  5. Online Resources

    The Opportunities platform on RU’s website is the go-to-source for national and international residency listings. As one of the most comprehensive online resources, it is regularly updated and available at no charge.

    Dialogues provides an online platform for the critical discourse on artist residencies in relation to artistic practice with contributions made by current and past residents as well as outside artists, scholars and critics.

    News is an archive of press, media and information about RU’s programs, residents, partners and alumni.

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