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In a heartbeat

ALTERNATIVE ASIA is the web site which introduces art spaces and groups which are making various art projects in Asian countries.

Who it’s for

Performers, creators and artists interested in art spaces or groups for various art projects around Asia.

A closer examination


ALTERNATIVE ASIA is a website to introduce art spaces and groups engaging in various activities in Asian countries. Recently in Asian countries, more and more attention has been attracted to art spaces which show different developments that are independent from those of conventional art museums and commercial galleries. They are commonly artist-run-spaces which hold various types of events including workshops, music concerts, talks and symposiums, not limited to art exhibitions.

ALTERNATIVE ASIA is here to focus on the unique movements simultaneously happening in Asia, and share the reports and updated information on the art spaces with the world. This website is created as a part of “Alternative Asia Platform,” research and development project by Tokyo Art Research Lab, human resource development program of Arts Council Tokyo.

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