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UK-based music artist Oliver Spalding has teamed up with Dutch director duos Sil van der Woerd and Jorik Dozy, and Malaysian film company New Frontier Pictures, to release a thought-provoking music video for his latest single ‘Epoch’. Shot entirely in Malaysia, the music video is inspired by themes of over-consumption and climate change to share an environmental message and a worrisome prospect to the current state of Mother Earth.

Oliver Spalding

“Apart from being able to convey an important message to the audience, ‘Epoch’ is especially special to me because we shot the entire video right here in Kuala Lumpur and worked with such incredible local talents, such as Harith Haziq and Chloe Luthi who play the leads in the video,” commented Sean Lin, Founder and Producer of New Frontier Pictures.

‘Epoch’ tells the story of Mother Earth slowly dying, having been neglected by irresponsible adults, and leaving the children to face the consequences. The video shows the children running through the streets in search of answers as buildings start to collapse around them – all this while, the adults are sound asleep.

“We wanted to make a video about climate change, a subject that we believe deserves more attention. In our work we often combine fiction with documentary or pressing topics. In ‘Epoch’ we wanted to portray the future generation, our children, in a dark scenario of the future world that they wake up in. A place that is neglected by the adults, a place that has no future. As they explore their world, they quickly find out that it is ending. In an attempt to save whatever they can, they try to wake up their parents, but even they are vast asleep. We wanted to show the nightmare version of our future world that will be if we, the adults, don’t wake up,” shared directors, Sil van der Woerd and Jorik Dozy.

Sil and Jorik met in Hollywood, where they both studied Visual Effects. Sil is an independent filmmaker based in the Netherlands where he makes short films and music videos for artists such as Skrillex and Noisia. Jorik is a filmmaker and visual effects artist based in Singapore, where he is a lead environment artist for Industrial Light and Magic. His most recent role was lead visual effects artist for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

‘Epoch’ is the second project from the dynamic “van der Woerd-Dozy-Lin” trio. Their first project ‘Terraform’ was also designed to convey a powerful message to its viewers. ‘Terraform’, by artists Novo Amor and Ed Tullet, features a documentary-fiction style video that charters the true story of the hardships and sacrifices of the sulphur miners of Kawah Ijen, having to work in one of the most toxic environments on earth in order to sustain their families. The video served as a humbling reminder to its audience to never take the comforts they enjoy for granted. The experience of getting to know the sulphur miners and learn about their situation made such a profound impact on the team, that they decided to start a movement to raise awareness and collect donations for charity work in the region through the IJEN Assistance initiative.

For more information about New Frontier Pictures and their projects, visit their official website: www.newfrontierpictures.com

To find out more about the Directors visit:

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