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After a succesful and critically acclaimed first run, Anomalist Production returns with ‘IQ.ROCK’ (a play on the word IQRA, meaning Read in Arabic)! This time, the show will be in collaborating with Teach For Malaysia in an effort to raise awareness about the inequity in education in Malaysia especially in rural areas.

Staged in Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) on August 17th till 19th, IQ.ROCK’s restaging will meet with a few minor changes and the introduction of a new actor – Fimie Don. Child star, Fimie Don, is popularly seen on national TV. With more than 30 films under his belt, Fimie has decided to challenge himself by venturing into the theatre scene and take on the lead role of Azim, a studious hardworking student who helps his father in this time of hardship. Azim wants to step out of FELDA and experience the world but is bound by financial issues.

IQ.ROCK is a bilingual play set in Serting, Negeri Sembilan, where despite its peaceful backdrop of a vast rubber tapping community lays a quiet sense of chaos and underlying issues. Featuring a group of SPM students that are aimless delinquents and products of the system that raised them. Until their lives are changed by the arrival of their new English teacher – Teacher Mary, played by Ranessa Theyakaraja. Teacher Mary goes above and beyond to not only tell the students but to show them that there is more to life beyond their reality.

“If I can’t change the system, I will change the right person!” – Teacher Mary

IQ.ROCK is loosely based on the life of co-writer Azmi Hud (Jimi) whose father works as a modest rubber tapper in FELDA. Both his parents know nothing about the life outside their rural bubble. “The community in FELDA consists of humble blue collar workers who grew up with little to no education and their children would succumb to things like drugs, underage sex, illegal motorbike racing due to frustration or boredom. There was no one to encourage us to explore the life outside of FELDA.” says Jimi. In fact, it was because of a certain mentor that Jimi managed to complete his SPM at the age of 22 and eventually earn his diploma.

“If it wasn’t for those who inspired and mentored me, I would have never had been able to tell my story, let alone get involved in theatre.” – Jimi

Director, writer, and founder of Anomalist Production – Khairi Anwar adds that “IQ.ROCK is a bold piece that tackles the Malaysian education system even with the new government in place, the story is still relevant and until we can reach out from rural to urban areas, our work here isn’t done.”

In an effort to make IQ Rock inclusive to all audiences, all stagings will include subtitles.

Tickets for IQ.ROCK are available at www.anomalistproduction.com and are ranged from RM45 for concessions and RM55 for general public. A purchase of 4 (FOUR) tickets will be entitled to 1 (ONE) free ticket.

In an effort to offer the best staging experience, Anomalist Production is running a crowdfunding campaign where contributions start from as low as RM 10 only. Check it out here: https://www.mystartr.com/projects/iqrock


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