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5 Tips You Should Know Before You Pitch for PITCHPAD at Borak Arts Series 2018!

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Borak Arts Series’ Pitchpad creates a forum for all involved in the Arts to present or discover new performing arts projects. This year’s Pitchpad will have up to 10 submissions to pitch their works to performing arts professionals including presenters, festival directors and venue programmers.

As an advertising graduate, one thing I probably learned from University is that you need to know how to sell. Selling and presenting your idea is basically the same thing. You stand in front of decision makers and you want them to pick you.

You need to take in consideration of the numerous other talented creatives out there and pitching your idea can be scary. At Pitchpad, every pitcher is given a total of 10 minutes, 7 for the pitch and 3 minutes for a Q&A session. So how do you make use of the given time well to deliver the perfect pitch?

1. Your intro must be fantastic

“But my concept is..” Before we even get to what your idea actually is, you may first want their attention. It all starts with a great intro. Like trailers for movies, thumbnails for youtube videos, the first minute is vital in shaping the dynamic of your pitch. Don’t exhaust the listener with a detailed synopsis of your story, keep it simple, concise and interesting.

2. Prepare

Always be prepared. Decision makers like to question how well you know your play and be prepared to be bombarded by million of questions that may not necessarily have to do with your play or that you could think of. So it’s best that you know and understand your idea inside out. From concept to delivery and your target audience (cough* ticket sales)

3. Practice

Cliche but practice does make perfect. Practice it with yourself, in front of the mirror. Once you’ve mastered that, practice in front of family and friends. Remember that you have a total of 10 minutes, so it’s best if you practice with people for the amount of time dedicated for pitching and Q&A session. Optimise your time.  

4. Be Clear when answering questions

As mentioned, pitching comes with a Q&A session so after you’ve pitched your idea, be ready for any questions they have for you. Be mindful and listen to each questions carefully. Your answers should be crips, concise that is a minute or less, if possible. Try not to stray off topic. Would be great for you to ask any advice or feedback, it will make them feel appreciated for the time given to you.

5. Don’t give up

There will be a possibility that you might not get picked. It could be that your pitch needs refining or they are not interested in that sort of project at the time. If your idea is dismissed, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification so that you can improve and move forward. 

Always remember that some of the best ideas do get rejected so adjust your pitch and try again.

Pitchpad applications close on 21st September 2018 so hurry on to www.borakarts.com to submit your applications!

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