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Gin. Sin. Skin. Prepare your rose-coloured glasses for this 1920s Spectacular!

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Liver&Lung will be presenting the Malaysian premiere of ‘The Speakeasy Relived’, a new play by Hannah Shields, at a secret Bukit Damansara location from 23-24 August 2019.  

New York, 1927. Rita Allen (Hannah Shields), a fresh-faced aspiring dancer moves to the big city to follow the American Dream. Her second cousin, Geoffrey Nightingale (Jeffrey Disney) takes her under his wing as he introduces her to the secret jazz soirées fronted by Frank Law (Shafeeq Shajahan). She is drawn to the charismatic enigma, Dean Hart (Phraveen Arikiah), a seasoned vaudeville act and noted Broadway performer. The pair dance into the night hoping for more whilst entrapped in their own preoccupations, meanwhile Geoffrey is reunited with his old friend, Madeleine DuBois (Alia Kearney), a fading starlet of international repute. Together, they tear apart the idealism promised by the roaring twenties and leave you with their same questions: is there happiness in fame and fortune, and can success guarantee love? 

The Speakeasy Relived is an invitation to experience the glamourous 1920s. But were things all as they seemed? The play uses upbeat jazz music to contrast the very real problems that people in the 20s faced. It also amplifies how the same problems pervade in modern society and how maybe times haven’t changed at all. 

The Speakeasy Relived is more than 1920s New York, it is dazzling drama, age old problems and bittersweet romance, all wrapped up in irresistible jazz. 

Audiences are invited to dress in their best flapper attire, enjoy a glass of the finest bath tub gin and party like it’s 1927. 

Show details:

Venue: Bukit Damansara ( secret location revealed on 16th August )
Dates: 23-24 August 2019
Time: 8.00pm
Ticket Price: RM70

Email: liverandlungproductions@gmail.com
Whatsapp: +60104029323 

For more information, visit  www.liverandlung.com/thespeakeasy .

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