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About My Performing Arts Agency (MyPAA)

My Performing Arts Agency is a private Malaysian company set up to cultivate an ecosystem in which creative workers are able to do what they do best: tell our stories, heal our heartbreaks, free our dreams.

We aim to promote entrepreneurship across multiple creative fields, nurture a skilled and empowered arts workforce, and multiply the number of people experiencing the arts. With a focus on the arts, our roles include arts management for arts organisations, strategic arts engagement and outreach planning.

MyPAA also facilitates connections between artists and funders, between cultural institutions of different countries, and between the arts and public and private sectors. A collaborative partnership between all parties is essential for the advancement of artistic and cultural expression as well as productivity and innovation in Malaysia. To imagine the future, we need to invest in creativity today.

To learn more, visit www.mypaa.com.my.