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This is the second incarnation of ARTERI. The original was created in March 2009 by Simon Soon (a curator) and visual artist, Sharon Chin. A second curator, Eva McGovern joined them soon after. The site would carry fun, friendly and insightful articles to make visual art more accessible to the public. As today’s ARTERI does with performing arts, the original attempted to spark dialogue between people in the visual arts scene.

The site thrived and gained a loyal following. In spite of this, the first ARTERI posted its last post in late 2013. The articles can still be found here and we are also building an archive here, where it all started. Of course, the legacy also continues in the name Sharon, Simon and Eva so generously bequeathed to us.

For more on the history of ARTERI, read Sharon’s letter to her readers in What Happened to the Old ARTERI? and an interview with Simon and Eva: From Canvas to Stage – Where ARTERI started and where it’s going