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Eva McGovern has a background in art history, curating and writing. She has worked across museums and commercial galleries in London, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jogjakarta and Manila. Currently she is the Christie’s Consultant for the Philippines and is editing an interview focused book on contemporary Philippine art due for publication later in 2016. Eva is based in Manila, Philippines, but misses Kuala Lumpur a lot.

Sharon Chin
Sharon Chin is an artist and writer living in Port Dickson. She has exhibited locally and abroad, most recently at Singapore Biennale 2013 and the 8th Asia Pacific Triennial in Queensland, Australia in 2015. At the moment she is working on stuff that combines illustration and journalism. www.sharonchin.com.


Simon Soon is a dilettante interested in twentieth century art and visual culture of Asia. He has completed a PhD at the University of Sydney under an Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship where he wrote a thesis on left-leaning art organisations in Indonesia, Malaya, the Philippines and Thailand between the 1950s and 1970s. He is also a member of the editorial collective of SOUTHEAST OF NOW: Directions in Contemporary and Modern Art, a new refereed journal to be published in 2016. He will be joining the University of Malaya as senior lecturer at the Cultural Centre.

Az SamadHaving performed in the United States, Europe and Asia, guitarist-composer-educator Az Samad has also appeared on 22 CDs, including his 11 solo releases.      

DericUnsure if he wants to do this for the rest of his life, Deric Ect is managing editor at The Daily Seni.

Fasyali  Fasyali Fadzly merupakan seorang penulis dan pengarah teater skala kecil yang kini berkhidmat sebagai pensyarah di Fakulti Teater ASWARA. Beliau pernah melanjutkan pengajian dalam bidang Pengarahan Teater peringkat sarjana di University of Calgary, Canada. Selain pernah mementaskan teater di dalam negara, beliau turut pernah mementaskan teater di Canada dan Republik Czech. Di waktu senggang, beliau gemar menghabiskan masa dengan melukis, menonton teater dan filem bermutu. Disebabkan mudah lupa, beliau turut menulis untuk mengingatkan dirinya di laman web fasyalifadzly.com.

Grey YeohGrey Yeoh is one of the busiest arts and culture administrators in Kuala Lumpur.

    JeromeJerome Kugan is a writer and musician based in Kuala Lumpur.  





Livian Lin wishes she could write while hanging upside down; “I swear it gave me newfound perspective of things.” What else requires skill, training, talent, creativity and an audience, but is rarely seen as a performing art? And is this omission just? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

MiaA jack of many trades, Mia is a familiar face on TV, in the news, at last night’s company dinner or at the place she calls home: the theatre.

 A bibliophile, Fathimath Nuha is a writer on a quest to craft the perfect sentence.

     Stephanie Van DreisenStephanie  is best known for her portrayals of musical theatre leading ladies in KL and Singapore, but also finds great adventure in asking questions; raiding other actors’ toolboxes on her way to perfecting her own.

SuzySuzy Sulaiman has two babies; one is the Digital Art + Culture Festival and the other is a human child named Teja.

        ZoeZoe is a hobbit who wanders the world in search of untold tales.

Amy, Editor-In-ChiefA writer, editor and enthusiastic audience member, Amy loves having a job that lets her do three of the things she loves most.