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Rosheen Fatima

Decades of Diversity

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With over a hundred productions under their belt and a revolving ensemble of 13 members, Five Arts Centre has held court in the Malaysian theatre scene with their ever innovative stagings of stories central to the Malaysian psyche since their it was founded by Chin San Sooi, Krishen Jit and Marion D’Cruz in 1984, From...Read More


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PUSPAL is the Central Agencies Committee for Applications for Filming and Performances by Foreign Artistes (Agensi Pusat Permohonan Penggambaran Filem Dan Persembahan Artis Luar Negara). It decides whether or not a foreign artist can perform, or whether a foreign movie can be filmed, in Malaysia.  What you need to know: Formed in 2001 and managed...Read More

The Role Of An Artist In Society

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The Goethe-Institut Malaysia has played an active role in supporting the Malaysian arts industry, particularly cross-collaborations between Germany and Malaysia as part of their mission to foster international cultural cooperation. Rosheen Fatima speaks to Goethe-Institut Malaysia’s Director, Mr. Rolf Stehle to find out more. Functioning as a cultural diplomatic body for German culture and language,...Read More