Step 1:

Select the Listing Style that you prefer. This will be the layout of your listing page.

Step 2:

Add the name of your event to Listing Title.

Step 3:

Select your event’s Listing Categories. You may select more than one, if applicable.

Step 4:

Select your event’s Listing Location.


Step 5:

Insert your event’s venue in Google Address. This will enable your event venue to show on the map.


Step 6:

Select your event start & end dates. If your event is on a weekly basis, you may skip this part and proceed to Step 7.



Step 7:

Insert your event’s ticketing price(s) in Price Segmentation by selecting the Segmentation type and insert the amount in Minimum Price and Maximum Price. If you only have one price for your event, you may leave Minimum Price empty and only fill in Maximum Price.


Step 8:

If your event is held on a weekly basis, you may select Business Hours and insert the start & end time based on the event day(s) and select which day(s) your event is closed. If your event is only a one-time event, you may skip this step.


Step 9:

Now it’s time to add your event’s Feature Image. This will be the image that will be on the banner of your listing and thumbnail of your event in the main listings page.


Step 10:

Next, add an image for your Logo. This will be the image on your listing’s profile details, above the Listing Information.


Step 11:

Put in your event description in Listing Content.


Step 12:

If you have already signed in to an account, you may opt for your profile details to show on the listing by not inserting any Listing Information. Otherwise, you may insert contact information and social media links for your event here. To sign in to an account, go to Step 18.


Step 13:

Now you can choose your Listing Tags. You can choose more than one, if applicable.


Step 14:

If you have more images and visuals you would like to show on your listing, just add them in the Listing Gallery. If you don’t have any images to add, you may skip this step.


Step 15:

If you have any promo codes our voucher for your event, you may include details in Coupon. Just add the description of the offer, coupon code and include a referral link, if applicable. If you do not have any offers to include, you may skip this step.


Step 16:

Now that you have completed the submission form, click on Preview to see your listing page draft.


Step 17:

If you are satisfied with the listing you have drafted, click on Submit Listing or you can edit the page by clicking on Edit Listing. These buttons will be shown on the right side of the page.


Step 18:

Sign in or select Create an account so that you may receive notifications on your listings.

You will receive an email notification once your listing has been approved by our web admin.

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