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Borak Arts Series

In a heartbeat

Since 2013, this yearly event has been bringing together artists, presenters/producers, intermediaries, and funders from Malaysia and overseas, providing space and inspiration to build relationships and exchange ideas.

A closer examination

The Borak Arts Series (BAS) is an annual arts conference for creative practitioners and business leaders. Here they gather to discuss new and upcoming projects, as well as local and international policy and trends. In this way, BAS hopes to break boundaries and encourage collaboration between practitioners, and the public and private sectors. Discussions centre around the year’s theme. Past years have focused on Building Sustainability in the Arts, Building Knowledge and Capacity in Funding and Mobility, and ASEAN and the Future. These themes have dictated the direction and discussion of the event, which includes keynotes addresses, panel discussions, workshop, round table sessions, networking sessions, 1-on-1 meetings, and pocket performances.

Missed the event? Get some of the insights from our recorded video series with guest speakers from Borak Arts Series 2015: ASEAN and the Future

You can also download the full event documentation for: