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Sometimes the past is the future

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Al Cruz Solo ShowRichard Koh Fine Art18 – 30 July 2009 Four Chairs, 2009, 42 x 60 inches, oil on canvas When Carl Andre’s Equivalent VIII (1966) became part of the Tate Gallery permanent collection the institution’s trajectory was suddenly apparent to forward thinkers. The idea for Tate Modern was no doubt there in spirit,...Read More

Sense and Censorbility

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by Zahirah Suhaimi The recent controversy sparked by Chinese film, City of Life and Death by director Lu Chuan, has compelled me to mull over the challenges with establishing a universally accepted perception and use of the freedom of expression. This bold Chinese film focuses on raw human emotions during the period we know as...Read More

And the winners are…

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When was the last Bakat Muda Sezaman? As the seminal institution through which many young Malaysian artists made their mark in the contemporary art scene from the seventies to the nineties fade into what seemed like a distant past, the inaugural Malaysia Emerging Artist (MEA) Award, the prize-giving and opening ceremony held last Sunday, has...Read More