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The Forces At Work

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Image from The Malay Mail Online Not too long ago, I started a new hobby. The parents of a friend were going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, that is, Jerusalem and its surrounding areas. We talked about the sort of souvenirs we might like from such a trip, and I said: stones. Sure...Read More

The Crafts of Pulau Carey

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I spent my Malayan Merdeka Day somewhat unconventionally by taking an Australian friend to visit the Hma’ Meri (Mah Meri) community in Pulau Carey, off the Selangor coast. As someone involved in an Aboriginal land handback programme she was particularly keen to see the situation of indigenous peoples in Malaysia. In Pulau Carey inequalities of...Read More

Pudu Jail Conservation Statement

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As part of her MSc thesis, architect Mariana Isa wrote a conservation statement on Pudu Jail. It outlines the historical and architectural significance of the buidling, reaffirming it’s importance in development of Kuala Lumpur. The paper also touches on issues of legislation and real estate value. If you’re looking for more in-depth information on the...Read More

Nothing is Wasted

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The 5th Asian Museum Curator’s Conference (AMCC) was held last month in November. Jointly organized by National Gallery of Singapore, Japan Foundation and Balai Seni Lukis Negara, the event was split into two segments: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. For the Malaysian leg, myself and Simon Soon were called in to moderate a discussion and give...Read More

Myanmar: New Media & New Expressions

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  Exploring New Media and New Forms of Expression that Opens Spaces for Transformation According to the title of my paper, ‘transformation’ means to show some outline of final situations or results. Therefore, I think transformation means having effect. One such ‘effect’ is Digit – Art Festival, an event held in Nov 2009 at Alliance...Read More

Feeling useful for the first time

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Mighty as the ocean and certain as the tide, the need to express oneself surpasses enormous obstacles and impenetrable boundaries. Never have I been more keenly aware of this  than during the Beyond Pressure International Festival of Performance Art. Who can say exactly why a place calls out to you; beckons you to come. I...Read More