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case study

How to grow a creative company

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Fariz Hanapiah,Co-Founder and Creative Director of Motiofixo, has always had a knack for computers. At 13, while kids his age were engrossed in video games, Fariz was busy teaching himself coding and computer graphics to build his own soccer website. News about ‘Malaysian Soccer Online’ spread Fariz received a prize from the Prime Minister for...Read More

Theatrethreesixty deals with depression – with a little help from their Befrienders

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Laugh, applaud, be reminded of the million things that make life worth living. Then on the way out pick up some potentially life-saving information on suicide prevention. Theatrethreesixty’s Every Brilliant Thing helps Befrienders KL – and audiences – reach out. (Main image: Threesixty Director Christopher Ling. Photo by Fay Rhatmanee) Speaking, as he does, directly to...Read More

Why arts awards matter

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When prize money more or less matches your entire yearly operating costs, of course it feels like a fortune – certainly enough to make a real difference. However, as Marion D’Cruz explains, for Five Arts Centre, this year’s winner of the Praemium Imperiale Grant for Young Artists, such an award can mean so much more....Read More

SK!N: An artist statement

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TerryandTheCuz share the artist’s statement that was part of the proposal that secured funding from the Krishen Jit Astro Fund for their project, SK!N. This project would go on to be seen by international performing arts festival directors at Pitchpad ASEAN. It previewed for audiences at the George Town Arts Festival and was the only...Read More

What Happened To The Old ARTERI?

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Astute readers will have noticed that although we carry the same name, the content and logo of the new ARTERI (arteri.com.my) differs from the original (arterimalaysia.com*). ARTERI’s founding mother, visual artist Sharon Chin, talks about her the original site’s triumphs, hardships and rebirth. “The more a thing can be repurposed, rebooted, and reused, the more it...Read More