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Template – an artist statement

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DISCLAIMER: An artist statement is highly personal – a story that can be structured in a dozen different ways. Take this template as a starting point with four very general questions and some sample answers. Download: template-artists-statement Make your answers between one sentence and one paragraph long. When you’re done, delete the questions and read it...Read More

Guest Programme for Young Foreign Theatre People, Goethe Institute and ITI, Germany

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MAGE: Dialoge 20-13 – Kolkata von Sasha Waltz / Padmini Chettur / Mahler Chamber Orchestra. Photo by Martin Wälde About The Guest Programme is a grant by the Goethe-Institut, Munich (GI) and the Zentrum Bundesrepublik Deutschland des Internationalen Theaterinstituts (ITI) [Federal Republic of Germany Centre of the International Theatre Institute] for the advancement of the...Read More

The Role Of An Artist In Society

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The Goethe-Institut Malaysia has played an active role in supporting the Malaysian arts industry, particularly cross-collaborations between Germany and Malaysia as part of their mission to foster international cultural cooperation. Rosheen Fatima speaks to Goethe-Institut Malaysia’s Director, Mr. Rolf Stehle to find out more. Functioning as a cultural diplomatic body for German culture and language,...Read More