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5 things you don’t know about… the history of Chinese theatre in Malaysia

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100 years ago… Historically, Singapore and Malaysia Chinese drama seems to have emerged between 1913 to 1919. Practiced primariy by alumni associations and Chinese school student groups the first form was called “New Drama(新戏), which led to the practice of “Spoken Drama”(话剧)[i]. New Drama productions were staged as fundraisers for hospitals and schools and events...Read More

On Intercultural Collaborations – Writing the Future

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To Rithisal Kang, Director of Amrita Performing Arts (Cambodia), intercultural collaboration is like crossing not only geographic but personal and artistic borders. In such collaborations, artists go beyond learning about one another’s lives and become deeply immersed in talking about art, gaining “inspiration to enrich the work they’re creating.” Interview by Pang Khee TeikFilming by Lee...Read More