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Opportunity: Think City Grants Programme

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The Think City Grants Programme (TCGP) support projects and initiatives that contribute to making our cities more liveable, resilient and sustainable. This includes efforts such as conservation of heritage buildings, activating underused public spaces through arts, culture and heritage initiatives, research and studies that support conservation of our history and heritage, building capacity through workshops...Read More

Emerald Initiative Grant/Residency, Taiwan

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About “In the past three years, accepted proposals have led roughly 200 Southeast Asian professionals to either perform, research, or complete an artist residency program in Taiwan. Their combined showcases have enriched the perspectives of Taiwanese audiences, prompting their deeper understanding of Southeast Asian cultures.” – Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China (Taiwan) source ...Read More

5 things you don’t know about… The Daily Seni

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Initiated by Malaysian actor Bront Palarae in 2013, this privately-owned boutique media company is the dark horse of the news reporting industry, having scored some impressive gigs despite its tiny size. But how many of you really know us, like, really, really know us? Imagine looking at this face, like, every day! Journalistic freedom and democracy One of the cornerstones of The Daily Seni is...Read More

Vital Support for Freedom

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Goethe-Institut Malaysia has supported many causes, artists, arts initiatives and productions since its establishment in 1962. FreedomFilmFest, has been partnering withGoethe-Institut Malaysia for many years. We speak to Festival Director, Anna Har on this partnership. Human Rights and telling stories that matter have been the driving force behindFreedomFilmFest since its inception in 2003. As Malaysia’s...Read More